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Busting Common Hair Myths with Shan Rose Hair

by Shan Rose Hair - Lab, Chapel Allerton

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Today, we're diving into some of the most common hair myths that often lead to misconceptions and mistakes in hair care.

Hello babe, Shan Rose here, your trusted hairdresser and colour specialist from Leeds and Chapel Allerton. Today, we’re diving into some of the most common hair myths that often lead to misconceptions and mistakes in hair care. Whether you’re a client looking to better understand your hair or a fellow stylist aiming to educate your clients, this guide will clear up the confusion and help you achieve healthier, more beautiful locks.

1. Purple Shampoo Makes You Blonder

Sorry to break it to you, babes, but no, purple shampoo does not make you blonder! Purple shampoo is designed to neutralise unwanted yellow or warm tones in your hair, creating a more ashy finish. However, overusing purple shampoo can actually build up on your hair and make it appear darker and duller. So, use it sparingly and only when necessary to maintain that perfect blonde shade.

2. Bleach Can Fade

Contrary to popular belief, bleach does not fade. Bleaching your hair is a permanent lightening process. Once your hair is lifted with bleach, the only way to remove it permanently is to cut it out or let it grow out. Applying a colour similar to your natural hair over the bleach doesn’t mean the bleach has disappeared—it’s still there under the colour. Factors like overusing purple shampoo, swimming in chlorinated pools, and environmental factors can affect how bright your hair looks over time. Always be honest with your stylist about your hair’s history to get the best results.

3. Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Quicker

This one might surprise you, but cutting your hair does not make it grow quicker. Regular trims help reduce split ends and minimise the need for bigger cuts, which keeps your hair looking healthy and strong. The integrity of your hair is crucial for maintaining long, healthy locks, so don’t skip those trims!

4. Pulling Your Grey Hairs Out Makes More Grow Back

This myth is a classic scare tactic, but it’s absolutely not true! Pulling out grey hairs won’t make more grow back. However, if you do decide to pluck those pesky greys, they tend to grow back more wiry. So, it’s best to leave them be or consult your stylist for a colour solution that suits you.

5. Split Ends Can Be Repaired

Many people believe that split ends can be repaired, but unfortunately, they cannot. Split ends can be smoothed, trimmed, and managed with the right products, but they can never be fully repaired. The only way to completely get rid of split ends is to cut them off. Regular trims and proper hair care can help prevent split ends and keep your hair looking its best.


Understanding the truth behind these common hair myths can help you take better care of your hair and make informed decisions about your hair care routine. As a hairdresser in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, I’m here to provide you with the best techniques, products, and methods to ensure your hair looks and feels amazing. If you have any questions or need personalised advice, don’t hesitate to book a session with me.

Here’s to healthier, more beautiful hair for everyone! Stay fabulous, Leeds!

Lots of love, Shan Rose 💖🌸✨

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