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Useful Tips & Tricks


Hey there, beautiful!

I hope you’re absolutely smitten with your hair!

Here are some fabulous tips to keep your locks looking absolutely stunning:


  1. Get your hands on a professional shampoo and conditioner! They work wonders for your hair’s condition, volume, scalp health, and colour longevity. Trust me, they’re worth it!

  2. Finding the right products is key. If we haven’t discussed this yet, drop me a message and I’ll recommend the perfect match for you, tailored to your price bracket.

  3. Say no to supermarket shampoos and conditioners! They might seem tempting, but they’re no match for the professional quality your hair deserves.

  4. Give your hair some love by washing it less frequently. Your hair will thank you for it! Ideally, aim for washing once or twice a week (especially if you have gorgeous curls). But hey, I understand if that doesn’t quite work for you. Just leave at least a day between washes, and you’re on the right track!

  5. When it’s time to wash your hair, switch to cool/cold water. It may give you a little chill, but it works wonders! Closing those scalp pores reduces greasiness and boosts colour longevity. Totally worth it, my dear!

  6. Protect, protect, protect! Always use heat protection when drying or styling your hair. It keeps your hair looking fabulous, maintains that gorgeous colour, and shields your precious strands from heat damage. It’s a hair goddess must!

  7. Wave goodbye to those boring elastic hair ties and say hello to scrunchies or cute claw clips! Not only do they look effortlessly good, but they also prevent breakage in the midband of your hair. Time to add some flair to your hair game!

  8. Let’s brush it right! Choose the perfect tool for the job. When your hair is wet and conditioned, opt for a paddle brush or a wet brush. If you prefer, a tangle teaser works wonders too. When your hair is dry, you can use the wet brush again or give a boar bristle brush a go (my personal fave). Another excellent option is a wide-tooth comb, which keeps your style intact without tugging on your lovely locks.


  1. If you’re enjoying a fabulous holiday, keep your coloured locks away from direct sunlight. Too much exposure can cause colour fading and damage. Protect that vibrant shade, darling!

  2. Calling all swimming enthusiasts! Keep your beautiful coloured hair out of chlorinated waters. Trust me, chlorine and bleach are not a good mix. We wouldn’t want any green-stained hair disasters, would we? Chlorine dries out your hair and fades the colour. So, keep that hair up and away during your swimming excursions.

  3. After any colour service, resist the urge to wash your hair for the first 48 hours. Let the colour settle and allow your cuticles to close. It’s the secret to making your colour last longer.

Enjoy flaunting your fabulous hair, gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you soon! 🖤